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Custom Name Bunting

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Custom bunting banners made using 100% merino wool felt or 90/10 felt blend depending on the color!

Each banner is hand stitched and thoughtfully made.

Once ordering, the next step is to email me so we can talk colors, themes, and ideas!  Feel free to email me prior to ordering for any questions!

Note that I do not have all colors in stock, and will order accordingly after our email consult.  It can take up to 11 days to receive the felt i’ve ordered for your custom banner. 

There are a few options listed to keep in mind when ordering:  

“Letters” - This is indicating you solely want a name or phrase on the banner hand sewn down without anything else surrounding the letters. 

“Letters with design”- This refers to if you want flowers, cow print, suns, rainbows etc added onto  your flags.

“Unbacked”- Is referring to not needing a second piece of felt sewn to the back of the flag.  When it is unbacked you can see the the stitching and knots *only* from the back side. A backed banner would cover stitches.